Lindsay Combs is the Founder and CEO of the “Walk It Out Foundation”, that exists to be a restorative support system for the incarcerated and their families. 

Lindsay, has walked on both sides of the fence and learned the real isolation and detriment that can occur on the inside. Starting a development and walking program while behind bars in federal prison to help the women around her not give up on their life, she knew what was missing. Support. These incredible humans felt left behind and really they were, but not anymore.

Lindsay is now running one of the leading resources for families and inmates to find personal development, health practices and support for progress, and there is no slowing down for the Pennsylvania native. Raising funds through her foundation and the “amazing laces” being sold round the world for all to dedicate their 6pm walks, runs and health journeys to supporting those who need it on the inside who are allowed to walk at 6 too, they are no longer alone and her message and reach is quickly picking up speed. She aims to get personal development training systems to every prison around the world and put correctional facilities into the work of correction not depletion. “No one deserves to be forgotten or quit on, lace up , give generously and let’s care for human kind and we will be tied together and knot alone” Combs says. 

An avid healthy life entrepreneur, whose wrong place, wrong time story changed the trajectory of her life, she could not be more grateful for her experience and how now her life has a meaning and purpose she never could have planned on. Combs says, “somebody had to help them and now it gets to be me.”

Collaborating now with some of the worlds best to get the word out… “we will walk at 6, we will earn the funding to develop all of humankind and keep them healthy.” She is going to be anything but quiet to get the attention and impact she knows every human life deserves on the inside and we hope you join in on the movement.